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  1. SEVEN –  a group of committed soldiers of God hand selected by Pastor Mosby to serve in the capacity of leadership, camaraderie, counsel  and service. 

  2. WOMEN OF WISDOM (Women’s Fellowship) -  A dynamic community of women offering a stimulating variety of activities and benefits.  We bring women of all ages together to work, to play, and to provide opportunities for growth within the spiritual community. 

    Monthly meetings every first Saturday

  3. IRON SHARPENERS (Men’s Fellowship) – Provides a forum for men to meet and get to know each other better.  We seek to offer a variety of interesting activities and opportunities for discussion and mutual sharing among members.

    Monthly meetings every second Friday.

  4. IGNYTE (Teen Ministry) – (ages 13 –19) A ministry ordained to reclaim the souls and minds of the youth in our church, community and nation, and to help develop responsible, disciplined and fruitful Christians.

    Plugged In - Monthly event providing Christian entertainment for our youth. 

    Monthly meetings every first Friday

  5. RIGHTEOUS OUTSTANDING CHRISTIAN KIDS (R.O.C.K.) - (Children’s ministry) – (12 yrs. & under) A ministry developed to help shape and mold young minds through God’s word.  The curriculum is based on biblical principles and administered by qualified staff.

  6. YOUNG SONS - A ministry dear to Pastor Phillip Mosby's heart.  He is dedicated to having a personal relationship and walking with his "young sons" to help build them up for ministry

  7. MARRIED COUPLES – Developed to build strong Christian-centered marriages through effective communication and participation based on the word of God.

    Monthly meetings every third Saturday

  8. SINGLES – Developed to educate singles on the importance and joys of spreading the Gospel. 

    Monthly meetings every second Saturday

  9. PERFORMING ARTS (Spiritual Feet, Ribbon/Fans, Step, Women Of Virtue.) – Present Holy Spirit-led events and activities in the area of dance and drama.  Children, youths and adults are encouraged to freely express their creative talents and gifts in the praise and worship unto God.

    • Spiritual Feet
    • Women of Virture – (WOV – ages 40 & up)
    • Wings of Praise (WOP) -  ribbons & fans
    • The Upper Room - Drama Ensemble

      Monthly meetings every 1st and 3rd Saturday

  10. PRAISE TEAM (JUDAH) -  The praise team is a vital part of the music ministry at SPM, focused on bringing the congregation into the awareness of God’s presence resulting in pure praise and worship.

  11. WISE-dom – Ministry for those 45 & up who play a vital role in participating in various events and activities for fundraising and outreach programs.

  12. OUTREACH MINISTRY – Teaches believers to be effective and creative soul winners through community investment and empowerment.

  13. INTERCESSORY (Prayer Ministry) –  Help believers develop a deeper relationship with God.  Discover the power of intercession, prayer and fasting.

  14. ISAIAH 1:17 – Champions the cause of the fatherless and single parents by aiding in the emotional, relational and spirtual healing as well as assisting with achieving and maintaining the abundant life.

    • Angel Food Network
    • Resource Center
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